PostScript Fonts

The Apple Standard Cyrillic fonts referenced in Step 1 are TrueType fonts. If you're interested in obtaining PostScript versions of the same fonts, read on...

Submitted by Andreas Prilop:

The disk "Install 2" contains the PostScript versions of the Cyrillic fonts. Some people might prefer these to the TrueType versions. In fact, I think the PostScript versions are better because the fonts were originally produced with Fontographer as PostScript fonts and then automatically converted to TrueType format.

  1. Download an image of Install 2. If you're having difficulties with this link, go to the mirrors page which contains an exhaustive listing of FTP servers in the USA and abroad.
  2. Use StuffIt Expander to decompress the resulting image file.
  3. Use Disk Copy software from Apple to mount the disk image on your desktop by dragging Install 2.image file onto Disk Copy icon.
  4. Double-click on the floppy to open it.
  5. Open the folder PostScript.
  6. Drag all the fonts on top of your closed System folder until it becomes highlighted, and release the mouse button.
  7. Confirm that you would indeed like to install some fonts.
  8. You're done.

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