Configuring Pine for use of KOI8

Pine is a popular e-mail program on Unix systems. The instructions below pertain to use of Pine after you logged in to your Unix account using one of the Dial-up applications such as ZTerm or Kermit. Of course, the above mentioned applications must be configured to work with KOI8 fonts.

Pine is also available as an e-mail application for DOS/Windows platform, called PC_Pine.

The following instructions were contributed by Jim Baxter.

Selecting "enable-8bit-esmtp-negotiations" seems to be necessary for viewing cyrillic koi8. Even with the software and fonts installed and the proper settings configured in NCSA, MacKermit, etc, koi8 cyrillic will not be displayed unless this option is selected. But even with this option set, one cannot write in cyrillic koi8 unless "character-set" is set to koi8.

The following was contributed by Andreas Prilop:

Setting an incorrect character set header ("charset=iso-8859-1") is the *main* problem when receiving non-Latin-1 mail on the Macintosh. When Eudora receives a message with the header "charset=iso-8859-1", it automatically converts ("transliterates") from ISO-Latin-1 to MacRoman. The result is a mess. The user must use correct "charset" header (koi8) in the mail.

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