Apple's Software Updates Mirror Sites

This page contains the listing of Apple Computer's Software Updates Internet servers (WWW and FTP) both in the USA and abroad. Those listed here carry the disk images of the Russian System 7.0.1. You came to this page to download either the Apple Standard Cyrillic fonts, Russian Script, or the Postscript versions of Apple Standard Cyrillic fonts.

Once you click on any of the links below, you'll see the listing of all the floppy disk images comprising the full installation of Russian System 7.0.1. You do not need to download all of them. Here are the ones you're looking for:

for Apple Standard Cyrillic fonts (TrueType)Fonts 1 - RS-System_7.0.1-3of7.sea.hqx
for Russian ScriptInstall 1 - RS-System_7.0.1-1of7.sea.hqx
for Postscript Apple Standard Cyrillic fontsInstall 2 - RS-System_7.0.1-2of7.sea.hqx

For your information, to get the most up-to-date listing of Apple's mirror sites, go to Apple Software Updates Mirror Sites.

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