Eudora and different methods of Cyrillic encoding

This page is intended for users of the Eudora e-mail application only. You might want to use Apple Standard Cyrillic fonts to be able to communicate with the outside world using KOI8 encoding.

In this configuration Eudora is working with Apple Standard Cyrillic in the boundaries of your Macintosh, so if you paste a KOI8 file into it from another Mac application, it won't work. The only way to give Eudora KOI8 is to send it as e-mail to yourself and have Eudora receive it. It will convert KOI8 to AppleStdCyrillic. And then when sending out, it will reverse the process. I think it's the only way right now to handle Russian KOI8 with Eudora and have a decent KOI8 output which can be properly read by people who might not have Eudora on the other end.

Let me rephrase the last paragraph. When using "traditional" methods of Russification - with a KOI8 font - Eudora encodes your message when it sends it out. It uses different methods of encoding such as Quoted-Printable and MIME, but the mechanics of it are not essential. What's important is that if your recipient doesn't use Eudora to read e-mail, but uses a command-line interface, they will not see any Cyrillic characters in your message; it will look garbled. If, on the other hand, Eudora is on the receiving end, it will recognize the encoding used in the message, decode it properly, and you'll see Cyrillic just fine. So the problem with using KOI8 fonts is very apparent - the use of this method is strictly limited to Eudora users only. That's not very practical. And this is where Apple Standard Cyrillic fonts come in. By using those fonts in conjunction with conversion tables designed to transliterate from Apple Standard Cyrillic to KOI8 and vice versa, the Cyrillic text in the outgoing message of your Eudora is not encoded in any way, and it's true KOI8. Therefore, on the receiving end, if a person is using a command-line dial-up program, or Telnet application configured with a KOI8 font, they'll be able to read your message just fine.

The Eudora section of the Step 4 page contains instructions for the use of both Apple Standard Cyrillic fonts and KOI8 fonts.

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