Teach your computer to read Russian!

You may forget all the problems of different Russian codings and Russian fonts;
all you need is to download Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Please check the Microsoft page for the info.
Note! Your Windows 95 or Window NT must have Cyrillic support installed.

Enjoy Russian Web!

There are several methods to send Russain characters (also known as Cyrillic) across the Net. Our GlasWeb server at the moment supports several of them, depending on the operation system you use.
You get our Russian pages in standard Windows coding, CP1251, if you use Windows, or you get KOI-8 if you use a Macintosh or UNIX computer.
If your computer is running Windows, you need to install proper True Type fonts that support CP1251 standard. From our server you may download a ZIP file with fonts that can be used in both proportional section and fixed font.
Although from our server you may download ZIP files with ER Bukinist KOI8, a font that can be used in proportional section of your browser and ROL-K8/Courier, a fixed font.
After you download files to your PC, unzip them with your favorite unzipping utility and install the .TTF files using Control Panel/Fonts option from the Main window.
After that, use Preferences/Fonts option of your browser to select the right fonts. This will work fine in Netscape, Mosaic and Microsoft Internet Explorer v.2.0+.
Mac users interested in reading Russian should follow this very useful link! The author of that material knows more about Russian-speaking Macs than anyone at GlasNet.
Or, maybe, on the whole Web!...
Also you can download Russian fonts for Mac.

Other usefull links: