Oriental University

Today the Russian Oriental School shares its traditions of complex approach with higher education. The Oriental University was set up by the Institute of Oriental Studies. More than 250 students are studying in it now. Thus the idea of integrating the educational process with science was realized for the first time. Rostislav B. Rybakov, doctor of history and the director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, who involved the scientific potential of the institute with the educational domain, became the first dean of the Oriental University while Nelli M Khryatchteva, Ph. D., became its first vice-dean.The training of bachelors (4 years) and masters (5 years) envisages the specialization in two major fields: the economy and history of Oriental countries.

The Oriental University enhances both analytical and practical capabilities of its students. The curriculum is designed to provide the graduates with exceptional mastery of both oriental (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Arabic, etc.) and occidental languages. The University faculty consists of 85 lecturers, including 25 professors and 40 assistant professors.The University has a library of its own. The library of the Institute of Oriental Studies that contains extensive resources is also available to all the students. The University computer lab as well as audio and video facilities promote education and research projects.Now the graduate courses are opened for the master's degree for both Russian and foreign students in a wide range of fields, such as: history, economics, civilization studies, religion studies, etc. The graduate courses are also preparing students for postgraduate studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies.

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