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Soyuz LV
Soyuz LV -

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Family: R-7. Country: Russia. Status: Development. Other Designations: Rus. Article Number: 11A511M.

Rus project was to result in first major propulsion upgrade to R-7 family in forty years, using first stage engines derived from those developed for Zenit second stage to boost performance. It would have permitted launches from Plesetsk with same or greater payload than launch of standard Soyuz-U from Baikonur, permitting move of more launch operations back onto Russian territory. Instead the more modest Soyuz ST / Soyuz FG upgrades were made.


LEO Payload: 7,900 kg. to: 200 km Orbit. Payload: 2,900 kg. to a: Geosynchronous transfer trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 441,980 kgf. Total Mass: 309,180 kg. Core Diameter: 3.0 m. Total Length: 45.0 m. Flyaway Unit Cost $: 3.00 million. in 1985 unit dollars.


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