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RSA-2 - Conjectural drawing of RSA-2

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Family: RSA. Country: South Africa. Status: Development.

It is conjectured that this designation was assigned to an intermediate range ballistic missile consisting of the first and second stages of the RSA-3. Probably very similar to, or a licensed copy of the Israeli Jericho-2 missile. A third stage apogee kick motor was added to produce the RSA-3 space launcher.


Payload: 1,500 kg. to a: 1900 km range trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 42,080 kgf. Total Mass: 23,000 kg. Core Diameter: 1.3 m. Total Length: 15.0 m.

RSA-1 , -2, -3, -4RSA-1 , -2, -3, -4

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