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Family: Sounding Rockets. Country: USA. Status: Hardware.

The Rockoon low-cost technique was conceived during an Aerobee firing cruse of the Norton Sound in March 1949. The Rockoon (balloon-launched rocket) consisted of a small high-performance sounding rocket launched from a balloon above most of the atmosphere. Rockoons were first launched from icebreaker Eastwind off Greenland by an ONR group under James A. Van Allen. They were later used by ONR and University of Iowa research groups in 1953-55 and 1957, from ships in sea between Boston and Thule, Greenland.


Rockoon Chronology

1949 Mar 1 -
1952 Jul 29 -
1952 Dec 15 -
1955 Jul 1 -
1957 Sep 26 -


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