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R-56 test model
R-56 test model - R-56 dynamic test model

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Family: Tsyklon. Country: Russia. Status: Study 1961. Article Number: 8K68.

One design approach considered for Yangel's R-56 superbooster of the 1960's was a polyblock design limited to rail transport restrictions (4 x 3.8 m diameter stages clustered together). Although a dynamic test model was built and tested at Tsniimash, Yangel finally reached the conclusion that a monoblock design was clearly superior to polyblock versions. Further work on the polyblock design was abandoned. Tsniimash exhibits in its small museum the 1:10 structural simulation model of the 3.8 m diameter polyblock design.


Payload: 35,000 kg. to a: 16,000 km ICBM trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 1,687,500 kgf. Total Mass: 1,165,500 kg. Core Diameter: 7.6 m. Total Length: 51.5 m.


R-56 test modelR-56 test model - R-56 dynamic test model C

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R-56 - detail viewR-56 - detail view - R-56 - detail view of interstage of test model of monster rocket

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R-56 test modelR-56 test model - R-56 dynamic test model

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R-56, R-26, 63S1R-56, R-26, 63S1 - From left to right, dynamic test models of: R-56 monster launch vehicle; R-26 ICBM; Kosmos 63S1 launch vehicle

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