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Hotol 2
Hotol 2 - Hotol 2 is launched from the back of an Antonov 225

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Family: Winged. Country: UK. Status: Study 1990.

Initiated by a British Aerospace team led by Dr Bob Parkinson in 1991, this was a less ambitious, scaled-back version of the original HOTOL. The single-stage to orbit winged launch vehicle using four Russian rocket engines. It was to have been air-launched from a Ukrainian An-225 Mriya (Dream) aircraft. Interim HOTOL would separate from the carrier aircraft at subsonic speeds, and would then pull up for the ascent to orbit. It would return via a gliding re-entry and landing on gear on a conventional runway. Interim HOTOL suffered from the same aerodynamic design challenges as HOTOL and went through many, many design iterations in the quest for a practical design.


Liftoff Thrust: 800,000 kgf. Total Mass: 250,000 kg. Core Diameter: 10.0 m. Total Length: 44.0 m. Launch Price $: 110.00 million. in 1985 price dollars.

Interim HOTOL Chronology

- 1991 -


Interim HOTOLInterim HOTOL - 68-H version of Interim HOTOL atop the An-225 launching aircraft. Diagram produced by Fastlight. Used with permission.

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