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CZ-2F on pad
CZ-2F on pad -

39,514 bytes. 337 x 428 pixels.

Family: Long March. Country: China. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: Long March 2F.

Man-rated version of CZ-2E. Little difference externally. Modifications probably are related to improved redundancy of systems, strengthened upper stage to handle large 921-1 spacecraft fairing and launch escape tower.


LEO Payload: 8,400 kg. to: 185 km Orbit. at: 57.0 degrees. Liftoff Thrust: 604,000 kgf. Total Mass: 464,000 kg. Core Diameter: 3.4 m. Total Length: 62.0 m.

CZ-2F Chronology

1999 Nov 19 - - 22:30 GMT. LV Configuration: CZ-2F s/n CZ2F-1. Launch Site: Jiuquan . Launch Complex: LA4.


CZ-2F Rollout BigCZ-2F Rollout Big

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CZ-2F on pad FullCZ-2F on pad Full

70,159 bytes. 673 x 856 pixels.

Project 921 LVProject 921 LV - Conceptual drawing of launch vehicle for the Project 921 manned spacecraft, produced before the CZ-2F rollout photographs appeared. The concept was quite close to the actual: a CZ-2E man-rated, with payload shroud and launch escape system.

Credit: © Mark Wade. 11,000 bytes. 100 x 540 pixels.

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