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Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne. 8,503 bytes. 126 x 233 pixels.

Manufacturer Name: RS-27. Designer: Rocketdyne. Developed in: 1971. Application: . Used on stages: Delta Thor ELT, Delta Thor RS27. Used on launch vehicles: Delta 1914, Delta 2914, Delta 3914, Delta 3925, Delta 4920, Delta 5920, N, N-2. Propellants: Lox/Kerosene Thrust(vac): 104,319 kgf. Thrust(vac): 1,023.00 kN. Isp: 295 sec. Isp (sea level): 264 sec. Burn time: 274 sec. Mass Engine: 1,027 kg. Diameter: 1.1 m. Length: 3.6 m. Chambers: 1. Chamber Pressure: 48.00 bar. Area Ratio: 8.00. Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 2.25. Thrust to Weight Ratio: 102.39. Country: USA. Status: Out of Production. First Flight: 1972. Last Flight: 1990. Flown: 108. References: 225 .

The RS - 27 powerplant comprises an RS2701A/B main engine, and twin LR101 - NA - 11 verniers. Introduced in 1974 on the McDonnell Douglas' Delta 2000 series launcher it replaced the MB - 3 as the main system for that launcher. It completed it's Delta service on the 6000 model in 1992. and continues in service as part of the Atlas MA- 5A powerplant. Application: Delta 6000 series. First Flown: January 18th, 1974 on Delta 100/Skynet 2A. Flown: 107 Delta plus 8 Atlas to the end of 1993. Mounting: gimballed-mounted for pitch/yaw control with gimballed verniers for roll control. Engine Cycle: gas generator. Oxidizer: liquid oxygen at 250 kg/sec. Fuel: RP-1 hydrocarbon at 111 kg/sec. Mixture Ratio: 2.245:1. Oxidizer Turbopump: 1900 kW, 6784 rpm (7085 rpm at altitude), 70 atm discharge Pressure: Fuel Turbopump: 1289 kW, 70 atm discharge Pressure. Thrust: 971 kN sea level/1023 kN vacuum. Thrust Chamber Length: 219 cm (234 cm). Thrust Chamber Materials: 347 CRES austenitic stainless steel. Thrust Chamber Cooling: regenerative, two passes of fuel through 292 tubes. Combustion Chamber Pressure: 48 atm at injector end. Combustion Chamber Temperature: 3315 Celsius. Combustion Chamber Materials: 347 CRES austenitic stainless steel. Combustion Chamber Cooling: same as thrust chamber. Combustion Chamber Ignition: hypergolic fluid cartridge enclosed in burst diaphragms. Verniers: each LR101-NA-11 at 21.8 kg mass, 4.63/5.30 kN sea level/vac thrust, 209/246 sec sea level/vac Isp, 1.8 mixture ratio, 5.6 expansion ratio(9.8 cm exit diameter), 283 sec burn time. Designed for booster applications. Gas generator, pump-fed.

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