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RD-107 -

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Manufacturer Name: RD-108. Government Designation: 11D512P. Designer: Glushko. Application: Soyuz 11A511U2-1. Used on stages: Soyuz 11A511U2-1. Used on launch vehicles: Soyuz 11A511U2. Propellants: Lox/Kerosene Thrust(vac): 103,100 kgf. Thrust(vac): 1,011.00 kN. Isp: 319 sec. Isp (sea level): 252 sec. Burn time: 290 sec. Chambers: 4. Country: Russia. Status: In Production. First Flight: 1982. Last Flight: 1995. Flown: 89. References: 21 . Comments: A 1-2 second specific impulse increase was made possible by the use of synthetic fuel Sintin and a modified mixing head. This was a very complicated modification. Diameter is per chamber.
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