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Soyuz 7K-MF6
Soyuz 7K-MF6 -

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Manufacturer's Designation: 7K-MF6. Class: Manned. Type: Spacecraft. Nation: Russia. Manufacturer: Korolev.

Soyuz 7K-T modified with installation of East German MF6 multispectral camera. Used for a unique solo Soyuz earth resources mission.


Craft.Crew Size: 2. Design Life: 6 days. Orbital Storage: 6.00 days. Total Length: 7.6 m. Maximum Diameter: 2.7 m. Total Habitable Volume: 9.00 m3. Total Mass: 6,510 kg. Total Propellants: 500 kg. Primary Engine Thrust: 417 kgf. Main Engine Propellants: Nitric Acid/Hydrazine. Main Engine Isp: 282 sec. Total spacecraft delta v: 220 m/s. Electrical System: Solar panels span 8.37 m, area: 8.33 sq. m.

Soyuz 7K-MF6 Chronology

15 September 1976 Soyuz 22 Program: ASTP. Flight Crew: Aksyonov, Bykovsky. Manned flight: Soyuz 22. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Vehicle: Soyuz 11A511U. Mass: 6,510 kg. Perigee: 185 km. Apogee: 296 km. Inclination: 64.8 deg. Duration: 7.91 days.

Surplus Soyuz ASTP spacecraft modified with a multi-spectral camera manufactured by Carl Zeiss-Jena in place of the universal docking apparatus. Eight days were spent photographing the earth. Tested and perfected scientific-technical methods and devices for studying the geological characteristics of the earth's surface from outer space for economic purposes. Recovered September 23, 1976 7:42 GMT. Landed 150 km NW Tselinograd. Additional Details: Soyuz 22.


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