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Stuart Allen (Stu) Roosa Status: Deceased. Trained as: Astronaut. Profession: Pilot. Sex: Male. Marital Status: Married. Children: Four. Birth Date: 16 August 1933. Birth City: Durango. Birth State: Colorado. Birth Country: USA. Nationality: American. Date of Death: 12 December 1994. Cause of Death: Natural causes - Viral pneumonia, a complication of pancreatitis. Group: 1966 NASA Group. Date Selected: 04 April 1966. Departed: 1976. Number of Flights: 1. Total Time: 9.00 days.

NAME: Stuart A. Roosa

BIRTHPLACE AND DATE: Roosa was born August 16, 1933, in Durango, Colorado.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science with honours in aeronautical engineering from the University of Colorado.

EXPERIENCE: Roosa served on active duty in the Air Force from 1953 to 1976, retiring as a colonel. His duties included maintenance flight test pilot at Olmstead Air Force Base, Pennsylvania; chief of service engineering at Tachikawa Air Base, Japan; a fighter pilot at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, and experimental test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Roosa was selected by NASA in April 1966. He flew into space as Command Module Pilot of Apollo 14, January 31 to February 9, 1971. The mission was commanded by Alan Shepard and Lunar Module Pilot was Edgar Mitchell. En route to the moon, Roosa, as Command Module pilot, encountered problems in docking the Command and Lunar Modules. On February 5, Shepard and Mitchell landed on the moon’s Fra Mauro highlands. For 35 hours Roosa orbited the moon alone while they explored the surface. The return home was uneventful.

Roosa retired from NASA and the Air Force in 1976. He held managerial positions with several companies, including Corporate Vice President, International Operations, U.S. Industries;, President of USI's Middle East Development Company, Athens, Greece; and Vice President, Advanced Planning, Charles Kenneth Campbell Investments. In 1981, he became President and owner of Gulf Coast Coors, a position he held until his death from viral pneumonia, a complication of pancreatitis, on December 12, 1994.

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