Legal And Business Commentaries

US-Russian Journal Of Law And Business Practice (our own collection)

1998 -1997 - 1996 - 1995

East European Constitutional Review

"the world's preeminent journal of postcommunist  law and politics." - the introduction to the current  issues of the EECR.

CIS LawNotes

a publication by Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler

FOREIGNER - (Russian, Win)

Provides useful information on visas, immgration and emigration, legal status of foreigners in Russia. Use search engine to search what you need.

Legal Adivsor for Everybody(Russian, Win)

Freely accessible collection of legal advice on Russian law. Maintained by provider of Kodeks legal database. Includes legal practicum for private persons, law dictionary, general legal documents.

Legal Consultant - Juridicheskij Consultant  (Russian, Win)

Primarily texts of the legal acts, but also more...  Issues for first half of 1997 are available for free.

Your Rights - (Russian, Win)

Issues of Russian legal practice are explained  in a popular form .

ADVOCATE (Russian, Win)

Information regarding legal practice in Russia.  Only a few issues of 1996 are available on the server.

KODEKSInfo (Russian, KOI-8)

R.B.L. Logo Russian Business Law Journal (Russian, KOI-8)

Rules & Regulations In Russia

The St.Petersburg Business Journal

St.Petersburg Business Way ' 94

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