Russian Legal Server

Established 1995

Our mission and the purpose of this server is to give the people of all countries the access to legal and related information concerning the Russian Federation in order to promote mutual understanding and to facilitate international business.

Ilya&Mark PhotoThis server is created and maintained by Ilya Nikiforov in cooperation with Mark Sanor. Special thanks to Professor Ronald Coffey of Case Western Reserve Univeristy for the support of this project.

Ilya PhotoThe information available on the server is collected from various sources and does not necessarily express our position. The information available on the server is not intended to be legal advice. If you elect to use it in the course of your business, you do so at your own risk. 

Your feedback is important to us. Please give us your opinions and comments so that we can make Russia Legal Server as useful and interesting as possible.. What would you like to find here? What existing part of the Russian Legal Server do you find most useful? What can you contribute for the server?

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