Fundamental Legal Acts of Russia

Constitutional Law

Declaration of Independence of Russia - 1990
Constitution Of Russia - 1993 and the English version thereof

Agreement of Russian Federation And The Republic Of Tatarstan On The Determination Of Jurisdiction And Mutual Delegation Of Certain Powers Between The Bodies Of State Power Of Russian Federation And The Bodies Of State Power The Republic Of Tatarstan executed on February 15, 1994
An Agreement between Government Of Russian Federation and Government Of The Republic Of Tatarstan On The Certain Issues Of Property

Regional Legislation
Law of St.Petersburg On the Guarantees of the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens to Receive Information on the Decisions of the State Bodies N 101-14 of 27 September 1995

Fundamental Branches of Law

Civil law - Law of Civil Procedure and Arbitration
Civil Code 1994 (general part)
Alternative link for Civil Code (Win)
Copyright Law (Win)

Criminal Law - Criminal Procedure Law

Administrative Law
Customs Code (Win)  (KOI8)
Rules of Accreditation and Stay of Foreign Mass Media Correspondents (English)

Specialized Branches of Law

Labor Law,
Labor Code (Win)  (KOI8)
Land Law, Financial Law, Social Security Law, Family Law, Penitentiary Law

Composite Branches of Law

Business Law,
International Bussiness Law Sources In Russian
National Economy Law, Enviromental Law, Maritime Law, Agricultural Law, Law of Procurator's Supervision, Transport Law

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