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American Latvian Association is the Latvian American community's central organization to support the activities and growth of their community.

Armenian Assembly of America focuses much of its effort on development projects in Armenia.

Armenian National Committee of America is an Armenian-American grassroots political organization.

Azerbaijani-American Educational, Cultural and Economic Center assists American and Azerbaijani academics in their studies of the two countries.

Building a Common Future is an Armenia/Azerbaijan Initiative to assist influential moderates in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Nagorno-Karabakh region in a non-governmental public peace process of face-to-face reconciliation for resolution of their eight year conflict.

Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Project administers a number of programs and exchanges between the two cities.

Danish-Albanian Friendship Organisation was founded to develop cultural and business cooperation between Albania and Denmark.

European Society for Central Asian Studies is a group of European scholars working within Central Asian Studies established an informal cooperation with the purpose of promoting joint research and interdisciplinary studies.

Foundation for Information Assistance to Social and Economic Development aims to "assist in accelerating social and economic development of Kyrgyzstan by means of improvement of an investment climate and increase an efficiency of financial, technical and other assistance projects carried out by the international organisations."

Harvard Ukrainian Business Initiative provides U.S. businesses with access to information about industries and key business transactions, and sponsors opportunities to interact with Ukraine's officials and business and economic leaders.

INFONOR was set up to focus more attention on the situation of native peoples in Russia.

International Alliance for Community Transitions (INTERACT) is a non-profit corporation that specializes in the development and implementation of community based initiatives in the countries of Central Asia.

Joint Baltic-American National Committee was formed to support restoration of independence, human rights and democracy to the Baltic Countries by uniting the efforts of the Estonian American National Council, Inc. the American Latvian Association, Inc. and the Lithuanian American Council, Inc. Today, JBANC has adapted to the changing needs of the Baltic peoples and the Baltic communities in the United States. JBANC acts in a dual capacity as the liaison of the Baltic communities with Capitol Hill and the White House as well as the information agent to the parent organizations.

Kamianets-Podilsky Foundation (KPF) is an independent, non-profit, multi-disciplinary organization devoted to the preservation, restoration and promotion of the historical city of Kamianets-Podilsky, Ukraine.

Kazakh-American Studies Center sponsors a variety of educational and professional exchange programs, based at the University of Kentucky.

The Leonard Cheshire Department of Conflict Recovery is currently undertaking a 3 year humanitarian program in Azerbaijan.

SOTA Foundation is dedicated to the study of the Turkish peoples in Eurasia.

Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation assists the academic and financial needs of Catholic educational institutions in Ukraine. UCEF has an active exchange program, including an annual summer English-teaching program.

Ukrainian National Association publishes The Ukrainian Weekly and sponsors an ESL program in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Student Association in the USA helps to recruit and advise students who want to pursue an American college education.

United States - Azerbaijan Council fosters greater interest in and knowledge about Azerbaijan as well as about the whole Caspian region.

United States - Baltic Foundation, with offices in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Washington DC, has a variety of programs to promote pluralism, democracy, and a market economy in the Baltic countries.

United States - Ukraine Foundation supports democratization and economic reform in Ukraine.

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