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Academy for Educational Development develops and manages numerous training and educational programs across the NIS and CEE. AED has both worked independently and co-managed USAID-funded projects.

American Society of Public Administration is a U.S. nonprofit educational and professional organization which promotes development of thought and practice in the field of public administration.

Center for Democracy encourages exchange among parliamentarians, government officials, jurists, and other leaders.

European Group of Public Administration coordinates projects in the CEE and NIS within the framework of such European programs as PHARE, TEMPUS, and TACIS. Provides training, education, and exchange programs and sponsors problem-solving seminars and offers consultancy services to governments, public organizations and businesses.

Independent Institute seeks to foster new and effective directions for government reform through the publication of books and journals.

Institute of Public Administration operates programs of research, technical assistance and training worldwide. IPA activities in the CEE and NIS include managing projects in: land use and development, intergovernmental fiscal reform, labor and employment agency training and transportation systems management.

IRIS - Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector, based at the Univ. of Maryland, helps promote reforms related to property and contract rights, competitive markets and political processes, and good government.

International City/County Management Association attempts to enhance the quality of local government and to support and assist professional local administrators worldwide.

International Foundation for Electoral Systems provides technical assistance in establishing electoral systems, as well as voter and citizen education.

International Republican Institute is associated with the Republican Party of the U.S. It conducts programs on citizen education and political organization for political parties.

National Democratic Institute is associated with the Democratic Party of the U.S. It conducts programs and training for political parties, promotes citizen participation, and accountability in government.

Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe is an organization based in Slovakia that fosters the development of public administration disciplines and training programmes in post-Communist countries.

Odessa Public Policy Program is a joint program between the University of Maryland, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, and Odessa State University to improve basic understanding of public policy and public administration.

Partners for Democratic Change provides conflict and change management training, commercial and community mediation, and ethnic conciliation programs. Also promotes goverment policies which create procedures for dispute resolution.

Search for Common Ground offers dispute resolution and mediator training around the world. Currently working on a project in Donetsk, Ukraine to improve dispute resolution capabilities in that country.

Strengthening Democratic Institutions Project works to catalyze and sustain the establishment of free-market economies, democratic political systems, and cooperative security relations in Russia and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union.

Support for Improvement in Governance and Management in Central and Eastern European Countries (SIGMA) is a joint intiative of the OECD Centre for Co-operation with the Economies in Transition and the European Union's Phare Programme. The initiative supports public administration reform efforts in Central and Eastern European countries and is financed mostly by Phare.

Transparency International (TI) endeavors to end corruption in government and international business transactions by implementing effective laws, policies and anti-corruption programs. Regional office in Moscow.

The University of Calgary - Gorbachev Foundation Joint Trust Fund seeks to encourage joint projects between Canadian and Russian institutions which will contribute to the reform process in Russia.

University of Massachusetts/ Pskov Oblast Working together in the areas of education, regional planning, public administration and economic development.

United States - Baltic Foundation assists the transition of the Baltic states through education and technical training programs. Has specific Public Administration Program.

Urban Homesteading Assistance, Inc. manages a U.S. government-funded project to establish a "Citizens Academy" which will provide technical assistance and training to community development organizations, especially those working on housing issues.

Urban Institute consults in a number of areas in connection with projects in the NIS/CEE region.

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