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Academy on Civil Society, located in Illinois, focuses on civil society, social movements and NGO development.

Armenian Assembly of America operates an NGO Training and Resource Center in Yerevan.

America’s Development Foundation works for democracy in five program areas: NGO institutional development, civic education, human rights, rule of law/legal assistance, and local government.

The BEARR Trust, based in the London, acts as a bridge between the welfare and health sectors of Britain with those of the Former Soviet Union.

Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF) aids Ukrainian organizations operating in Ukraine. Funds and coordinates the projects across Canada, conducts research and encourages public interest in the organization's efforts among all Canadians.

Center for Civil Society International (That's us!) We foster relationships between America's third sector and third sector organizations that have emerged in the states of the former Soviet Union.

Center for Sustainable Human Rights Action (CeSHRA) aims to promote and protect a culture of human rights observance by strengthening human rights organizations worldwide.

CIVICUS is "dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world."

COUNTERPART operates NGO Service Centers in Ukraine and Central Asia.

ECHO, Inc. (Educated Choices Heighten Opportunities) manages NGO support center in Siberia.

Freedom House has been a vigorous proponent of democratic values and a steadfast opponent of dictatorships of the far left and the far right for nearly sixty years. Freedom House currently has two major programs in Ukraine.

German Russian Exchange supports citizens' initiatives, human rights organisations and non-governmental social organisations.

Heartland International promotes social, economic, and political development worldwide.

Institute for Sustainable Communities provides training, technical assistance, and financial support to communities.

International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is involved in scholarly exchanges, professional development, technical assistance, and policy programs dealing with the Newly Independent States, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mongolia.

Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe has established a network of NGOs and independent journalists in Eastern Europe which work in such areas as civic education, human rights, women's issues, etc. Network expanding to the NIS.

Partners for Democratic Change provides conflict and change management training, commercial and community mediation, and ethnic conciliation programs. Also promotes goverment policies which create procedures for dispute resolution.

Save the Children Federation manages USAID-funded "Civic Initiatives Project" which seeks to support the development of the Russian nonprofit sector.

United States - Baltic Foundation assists the transition of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from Soviet to free and modern societies.

VOICE International (Voluntary Organizations Initiative in Central and Eastern Europe/Eurasia) assists in strengthening civil society by supporting the formation of NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe. The VOICE Web site provides access many resources for organizations looking to fund projects in the region.

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