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Academy for Educational Development develops and manages numerous training and educational programs across the NIS and CEE. AED has both worked independently and co-managed USAID-funded projects.

Advocates International works with judges, lawyers, clergy and national leaders to promote personal and professional ethics.

America’s Development Foundation assists development of democracy through partnerships with NGOs committed to strengthening democratic values and processes. Includes law and legal assistance.

American Bar Association’s Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI) supports the process of legal reform in Eastern Europe and the former USSR.

American Legal Consortium has awarded over 50 grants totaling over one million dollars to grassroots Central Asian non-governmental organizations.

Amnesty International is a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards.

Center for Democracy encourages exchange among parliamentarians, government officials, jurists, and other leaders.

Center for Sustainable Human Rights Action (CeSHRA) aims to promote and protect a culture of human rights observance by strengthening human rights organizations worldwide.

The Bar Association of America and the Commonwealth of Independent States includes prominent members of the bar in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Canada, the United States, and other countries to foster and encourage understanding and cooperation among lawyers and businesses in these two economically, politically, and philosophically powerful regions.

Development and Peace Foundation promotes peace and human rights in central and eastern Europe.

Environmental Law Institute focuses on improving environmental law, policy, and management.

European Roma Rights Center is "an international public interest law organisation which monitors the human rights situation of Roma and provides legal defence in cases of human rights abuse."

Federal Judicial Center conducts research and study of the operation of the courts of the United States.

First Peoples Worldwide is the first indigenous-led and indigenous-run international organization working globally to strengthen the political voice of indigenous people while working locally to build capacity for culturally appropriate development.

Freedom House is a nonpartisan human rights organization dedicated to promoting political rights and civil liberties internationally.

Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems (HURIDOCS) is a network of human rights organizations around the world which seeks to improve access to and the dissemination of public information about human rights.

Human Rights Watch is a U.S.-based international human rights organization that monitors the human rights practices of some seventy governments around the world. Human Rights Watch works to stop human rights abuses by publicizing violations of human rights and launching international protest against governments that commit abuses.

InSUdok is a Netherlands-based information and documentation center on the former Soviet-Union and the CIS-countries.

International Center for Not-for-Profit Law "is an international organization whose mission is to facilitate and support the development of civil society on a global basis by assisting the creation and improvement of laws and regulatory systems that permit, encourage, and regulate the not-for-profit sector in countries around the world."

International Development Law Institute offers practical training for lawyers, legal advisors and judges from developing and transition economy countries.

International League for Human Rights "Since its founding, the International League for Human Rights has worked to keep human rights at the forefront of international affairs and to give meaning and effect to the human rights values enshrined in international human rights treaties and conventions. The League's special mission for more than 50 years has been defending individual human rights advocates who have risked their lives to promote the ideals of a just and civil society in their homelands..."

Human Rights Education Associates (Europe) supports efforts aimed at introducing human rights concepts and values into educational curricula and teaching practices.

Law and Environment Eurasia Partnership (LEEP) seeks to "facilitate the efforts of private foundations to support Central Asia."

Law and Liberty Trust/ International Law Group assists the people of Russia and other formerly communist nations in attaining religious freedom.

Legal Training and Curriculum Development This project is training 18 Ukrainian law professors, each for a one-year period (including eight months in Canada).

National Institute of Justice, as the research and development agency of the Department of Justice, includes an International section and a Research Service.

National Legal Library of Ukraine Recent grant allows the establishment of a modern legal library system in Ukraine linked via the Internet to law libraries around Ukraine.

Partners for Democratic Change provides conflict and change management training, commercial and community mediation, and ethnic conciliation programs. Also promotes goverment policies which create procedures for dispute resolution.

Physicians for Human Rights uses "medical and scientific methods to investigate and expose violations of human rights worldwide and works to stop them." PHR is the coordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and a co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.

Public Interest Law Initiative Columbia Law School launched the Public Interest Law Initiative in Transitional Societies in September 1997 with the support of the Ford Foundation. The goal of the project is to assist in the development of a strong network of public interest law centers throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Search for Common Ground offers dispute resolution and mediator training around the world. Currently working on a project in Donetsk, Ukraine to improve dispute resolution capabilities in that country.

Street Law, Inc. provides expertise in the fields of teacher training, program design, curriculum development, and evaluation of law instruction, human rights, and democracy in schools and community settings.

Ukrainian American Police Association exchanges law enforcement knowledge between Ukraine and the Chicago Police Department.

Ukrainian American Bar Association is the professional association of American lawyers of Ukrainian descent. Has provided technical assistance to Parliament of Ukraine.

Union of Councils of Soviet Jews, in addition to working on behalf of Jews in Eurasia, also sponsors a number of human rights bureaus throughout the NIS.

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