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Baltic Media Centre supports the contribution of the media in the democratic process in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia and promotes cooperation and international understanding in the media.

Committee to Protect Journalists publicizes and investigates violations of freedom of the press, and analyzes media in vital regions of the world.

The European Institute for the Media documents and analyzes developments in the European media. Also sponsors partnerships between West and East European media and monitors media developments in Eurasia.

European Journalism Centre offers training programs for European (broadly defined) journalists.

Fund against Censorship Provides legal assistance grants to journalists and news media facing legal action aimed at silencing or intimidating them.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting has pioneered cross-community editorial activities, linking contributors from different regions and diverse communities, and building collaborative networks among regional and international media.

International Center for Community Journalism arranges internships for Ukrainian journalists with print and broadcast media in the Midwest, especially in rural areas.

International Center for Journalists establishes newspaper exchanges for foreign journalists in the U.S., publishes resources for journalists, and maintains a database of media organizations in Eastern Europe and the NIS.

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is a Brussels based international organization promoting the rights of journalists around the world. Addresses issues of censorship, journalists' rights, and reports on abuses against media.

Internews manages large USAID-funded project to support the independent broadcast media in the former Soviet Union.

National Press Institute is "an independent Russian non-profit organization that supports Russian media - particularly regional newspapers - with training, publications, events, information, and a range of other services."

New York University Center for War, Peace & News Media carries out a few programs to support the development of a free and independent press in Russia.

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