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CAF-Charities Aid Foundation is an independant British charity that handles money for donors and other charities, forwards donations, provides assistance to large and small charities and commissions, and publishes statistics and information on the voluntary sector in Britiain and worldwide.

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is a federal agency, analogous to USAID in the U.S., responsible for the majority of Canada's international assistance and cooperation programs.

Canada-Russia Partnership Fund, University of Calgary supports democratic development, northern studies, joint investment and natural resources development.

Charity Know How is a grantmaking body in Great Britain which supports the development of the non-governmental sector in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States.

CRDF - U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union is a nonprofit foundation that fosters opportunities for collaborative projects between NIS and U.S. researchers in science and engineering.

Cottonwood Foundation is a small foundation that provides grants to grassroots organizations internationally that combine activities in all of the following areas: protecting the environment, promoting cultural diversity, empowering people to meet their basic needs, and relying on volunteer efforts. Please note that the Cottonwood Foundation does not provide scholarships or grants to individuals or universities.

Eurasia Foundation supports economic and democratic reform in the NIS mostly through small grants in the areas of economic reform, the non-profit sector, and media and communications.

EC supports CEE/NIS Researchers offers funding to aid attendance at conferences, seminars and workshops.

Ford Foundation is a private philanthropic institution dedicated to international peace and the advancement of human welfare throughout the world.

Fund Against Censorship provides legal assistance grants to journalists and news media facing legal action aimed at silencing or intimidating them.

Fund for Arts and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe provides assistance upon request to selected major arts and cultural institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.

Henry M. Jackson Foundation assists groups that are involved in Russia's transition to democracy.

MacArthur Foundation has a special initiative in the NIS which focuses on law and society, human rights, energy and the environment, and an independent mass media.

National Endowment for Democracy uses worldwide grant program to support groups that are working for democratic goals. Current areas of focus include: pluralism; democratic governance; and education, culture and communications.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service supports grassroots organizations in the NIS and Eastern Europe working on issues concerning nuclear power, radioactive waste, and sustainable energy.

Open Society Institute/Soros Foundation OSI works to foster the development of open societies, supporting projects in the fields of science and higher education, media, the arts, and fostering civil society.

Petro Jacyk Educational Foundation supports scholarship about Ukraine around the world.

Replication of Lessons Learned (ROLL) is accepting proposals for such projects as environmental protection and pollution reduction. Based in Moscow, ROLL (in conjuction with USAID) is offering assistance and funding up to $50,000 for projects which have proven successful in the past and whose results can be replicated.

The Royal Society is encouraging scientific links between the UK and the countries of ECE and FSU by providing travel grants for scientists from those countries to participate in two-year collaborative research projects.

Russian & Eurasian Awards Program (REAP) administers grants up to $10,000 to institutions on behalf of qualified students from the NIS to help cover student expenses.

TACIS provides grants for the transfer of know-how to twelve countries of the former Soviet Union, and Mongolia. It is the largest program of its kind operating in the region, and has launched more than 3,000 projects worth over ECU 3,290 million since its inception in 1991.

UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS The world's largest multilateral source of grant funding for development cooperation.

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