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Amiq Institute seeks to protect and enhance the biological and cultural diversity of the Bering Sea region.

Aral Sea Desertification is a study by San Diego State University on the receding shoreline of the Aral Sea.

Center for Communications, Health and the Environment coordinates and supports programs that improve health and alleviate the adverse health effects of environmental pollution in underdeveloped communities.

Center for International Environmental Law supports the development of a public interest environmental law movement to strengthen developing international and national law, policy and management throughout the world.

Earth Island Institute has more than 30 projects worldwide with environmental partnerships in the former Soviet Union.  The institute offers ecotours to Lake Baikal and the Russian Far East.

Earthwatch International helps to preserve wildlife, habitats, and cultures through work around the world. Invites active involvement by joining the organization and joining fieldwork expeditions.

EMonument is using the STEP project as a platform throughout eastern Europe and Central Asia to assist NGO's to monitor the proper disposal of obsolete chemicals, construct a geographical information system (GIS) database, establish and monitor poison free pest management programs, provide citizen enforcement support, environmental education, and install HACCP programs.

Environmental Health Center provides information to enhance public understanding of significant health risks and challenges facing modern society. Two of their educational programs have expanded to the FSU and CEE.

Environmental Law Institute focuses on improving environmental law, policy, and management.

ECOLOGIA provides information, training, and support for grassroots environmental groups in the former Soviet Union, the Baltic States, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Institute for Sustainable Communities promotes environmental protection, sustainable economies, and participatory decision-making at the community level in Central/Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

ISAR is an information clearinghouse and financial supporter to grassroots environmental organizations in the former Soviet Union.

Monterey Institute of International Studies: NIS Environmental Project seeks to assist environmental recovery in the NIS by monitoring environmental problems there and by providing policy-oriented training, research, and public outreach activities.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service supports grassroots organizations in the NIS and Eastern Europe working on issues concerning nuclear power, radioactive waste, and sustainable energy.

Pacific Environmental and Resource Center is a nonprofit policy research, public education and advocacy organization seeking to promote "sustainable develpoment" and aids environmental organization, particularly in the Pacific Rim.

The Sacred Earth Network has worked with grassroots environmental organizations in the former USSR since 1985. Specializes in helping environmental groups get connected to the Internet.

Tahoe-Baikal Institute conducts environmental exchanges between Lake Tahoe in California and Lake Baikal in Russia.

World Information Transfer, Inc. formed in reaction to the Chernobyl disaster, promotes environmental health.

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