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Academy for Educational Development develops and manages numerous training and educational programs across the NIS and CEE. AED has both worked independently and co-managed USAID-funded projects.

American Councils, formerly ACTR/ACCELS, administers more than 20 exchange programs with the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Alliance of Universities for Democracy is a consortium of Western institutions of higher education and universities in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe formed to enhance the role of education in promoting democratic institutions, and economic development.

American Academic & Cultural Exchange provides opportunities for teenagers from many countries around the world to live with a host family in the United States while attending high school.

American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies is the American professional association for scholars and others concerned with the region comprised by Eastern Europe and the NIS.

American Federation of Teachers offers training for teachers and help in the development of teaching plans that support democratization in the NIS.

American Latvian Association is the Latvian-American community's central organization to support the activities and growth of their community.

The American Russian Youth Orchestra (ARYO) is a musical ambassadorship and a world-class training orchestra for young Russian and American orchestral musicians, vocalists and conductors.

ASSIST: American Slavic Student Internship Service places American students or others in English-teaching positions at schools and businesses in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Other types of jobs also available.

Azerbaijani-American Educational, Cultural and Economic Center assists American and Azerbaijani academics in their studies of the two countries.

Canadian Bureau for International Education dedicated to international education: the free movement of ideas and learners across national boundaries.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace conducts its own programs of research, discussion, publication, and public education.

CEC International Partners coordinates US-NIS educational and citizen exchanges in the fields of education, the arts, and the environment.

Center for Citizen Initiatives pioneered "citizen diplomacy," taking thousands of Americans to the USSR to create "irreversible human links" between our two societies.

Center for Civic Education has run many projects in the UK promoting education for democracy and democratic citizenship.

Center for International Networking Initiatives sponsors a number of Internet based projects.

Center for International Understanding at Bluefield State College implements short term training for international entrepreneurs and officials and also promotes international trade initiatives between NIS, Eastern Europe and West Virginia.

Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Project administers a number of programs and exchanges between the two cities.

Citizenship Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation dedicated to fostering the development of informed, responsible participation in civic life by citizens committed to values and principles fundamental to American constitutional democracy.

Civic Education Project supports higher education reform in Eastern Europe and the NIS. Also places lecturers (primarily in the social sciences) in CEE and NIS universities.

Corvallis - Uzhgorod Sister Cities Association is a Sister City Exchange program between Corvallis Oregon and Uzhgorod Ukraine.

Council on International Educational Exchange offers study and work camp experiences in the NIS for high school and undergraduate students.

Economics America promotes economic literacy in the NIS through curriculum development and translation and teacher training and exchanges.

European Association for Research on Transformation is a small non-profit network to support independent research on transformation in Russia with affiliates in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and soon Irkutsk.

Foundation for International Professional Exchange, Inc. facilitates the exchange of professional persons, information, equipment, and students between the U.S. and the NIS.

Fabergé Arts Foundation aims to "further the appreciation for the art and entrepreneurship of Carl Fabergé through exhibitions, publications, educational programs and competitions and to contribute toward St. Petersburg's cultural renaissance through architectural restoration projects and international exchange programs."

Fund for Arts and Culture in Central & Eastern Europe endeavors to "respond to invitations to assess the needs of major [Central and East European] cultural institutions and to match expertise to those needs."

German Academic Exchange Service administers academic exchanges between German institutions of higher education and similar institutions abroad. It also offers scholarships to foreign students.

German Russian Exchange Association promotes the creation of democratic structures in Russia through professional training programs and establishing professional networks.

Global Volunteers sends 120 teams of North American volunteers each year to work on human and economic development projects in 20 countries.

Hudson-Neva Exchange is a service organization based in Cohoes, New York that helps crafts people in Russia and Eastern Europe sell their products in the West. Also provides English language instruction camps and higher education placement assistance.

Institute for East-West Studies is a policy research center for Central Europe and Eurasia.

The Institute for the Study of Russian Education is a US based research organization that collects and distributes information on education in Russia and the NIS. The ISRE also sponsors seminars and educational exchanges with Russia.

Institute for Training and Development is a private, non-profit organization that specializes in designing and implementing international training, internship, and exchange programs.

International Child Art Foundation brings the world's children together by fostering their artistic potential and  inspiring them to think creatively.

International Exchange Council initiates and encourages educational, economic and cultural exchanges for improved understanding between the peoples of West Michigan and Russia.

International Research & Exchanges Board is involved in scholarly exchanges, professional development, technical assistance, and policy programs dealing with the Newly Independent States, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mongolia.

ITC International TEFL Certificate Offers an internationally recognized 110 hour, 4 week TEFL Certificate Course in Prague and Barcelona. 

Interuniversity Centre Canada runs several programs to Russia and the Former Soviet Union.

Kazakh-American Studies Center is involved in professional trainings, educational exchanges, intensive language programs, ESL teacher trainings, text translations, conferences, and research projects.

Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies is an academic research institute which focuses on the former USSR. Offers research fellowships and sponsors seminars. Meeting reports are available at their Web site and offer an excellent way to "attend" the institute's ongoing series of first-class lectures.

National Academy of Sciences organizes and manages collaborative activities relating to countries of the former Soviet Union and Central Europe.

Organization Promoting Everlasting Neighbors (OPEN) is a sister-city organization based in Newton Iowa, OPEN is strengthening it's links to similar groups in Ukraine, Russia, Korea, and Taiwan. OPEN needs your help in continuing these projects!.

Programs in International Educational Resources runs seminars and provides teaching resources for international and area studies including Russian.

Project Harmony sponsors wide variety of US-NIS professional and educational exchanges in such fields as environment, law enforcement, health, etc. Its Russian-language website is at

Québec Institute for International Research and Education (QIIRE) has programs in Russia that aim to strengthen the labor movement through training programs for labor educators and union members..

The Relief and Rehabilitation Network - RRN was conceived in 1993 and launched in 1994 as a mechanism for professional information exchange in the expanding field of humanitarian aid.

Russia and West Virginia: A Partnership for Exchange Foundation, Inc. is an exchange activity with the city of Korolev, which has a sister-city relationship with Charleston.

Sabre Foundation coordinates large-scale book donation programs in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Also involved with translation and Internet training projects.

Salzburg Seminar International educational centers dedicated to the development of leaders with global perspective. Current "University Project" assists Higher Education Reform Process in the NIS and Central and Eastern Europe. Offices in US and Austria.

Scholarship for Belarussian-Americans provides stipends and grants for students of Belarussian descent.

SCI International Voluntary Service is a secular, grassroots and nonprofit worldwide volunteer placement and development movement.

Serendipity is a very fruitful project which began in 1992 as a sister city program between Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, and Vladimir, Russia. Founded by professor Ron Pope, it includes a language school at the Dom Amerikanskii, business training, law enforcement exchanges, cultural programs, and much more.  

Sister Cities International is the coordinating body for more than 1,200 U.S. communities that are paired with over 1,800 partner cities in 123 nations around the world.

Sister Schools International is a program which links schools in the US to schools in the NIS.

Students in Free Enterprise -- SIFE is a partnership between business and higher education to help students respond directly to the needs of their communities. Sponsors competitions for students.

Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation assists the academic and financial needs of Catholic educational institutions in Ukraine. UCEF has an active exchange program, including a annual summer English-teaching program.

Ukrainian National Association sponsors programs to aid Ukrainians in US, Canada and Ukraine. Has large project which places volunteer ESL teachers in Ukraine during the summer.

Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University. Has its own publication program, frequent seminars, Ukrainian students and staff and runs the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute.

Ukrainian Student Association in the USA helps to recruit and advise students who want to pursue an American college education.

U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation for the Independent States of the former Soviet Union is a nonprofit foundation that fosters opportunities for collaborative projects between NIS and U.S. researchers in science and engineering.

US Information Agency Fact Sheet USIA academic, training and exchange programs in the Newly Independent States, March 1997.

Volunteers for Peace International Work Camps offers organized travel experiences, language study, and work camps in the NIS and around the world.

World Learning Inc. manages the Democracy Fellows Program.

Work Experience Outbound has a Russia Camp Program that offers people the opportunity to spend their summer volunteering in Russian youth camps.  Their program offers 4 or 8 week sessions for American counselors to learn about Russian life, culture and in return educate Russian children and staff about American culture.

Yeltsin Democracy Fellowship Program combines short-term training with internships in Canadian public and private sector organizations.

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