Directory of U.S. Technical Assistance Activities in Russia


60 pp., United States Information Service and USAID

This directory is the August 1996 issue of "Connections," a quarterly publication of the public information and media outreach section of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The directory is divided into four sections:

The information comes from a Donor Assistance Database, which contains information on more than 5,000 U.S. government funded projects and activities covering investment, cooperation, technical assistance, humanitarian and food aid, export credit and budget support. The directory provides contact information on approximately 750 projects and organizations.

For further information about the Donor Assistance Database, which "has been successfully installed in more than 40 donor agencies in Russia," contact:

Ambassador's Assistance Unit (AAU)
U.S. Embassy, Moscow, Russia
Tel. (7-095) 252-2451/9


G-7 Support Implementation Group
Moscow, Russia
Tel. (7-095) 956-2814

English- and Russian-language versions of "Connections" are distributed within the Russian Federation free of charge. "Connections" is also available on-line to Glasnet subscribers as an electronic conference--glas.connect or glas.sviazi

To obtain a copy of Connections, or to subscribe, contact:

Nicholas Plehanov, Connections
U.S. Embassy
Novinsky Blvd. 19/23
121099 Moscow
Tel. (7-095) 956-4281
Fax. (7-095) 956-7092

Last updated:    September 1996

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