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"The Trafficking of NIS Women Abroad" Report of an international conference held in Moscow in November 1997. Available in English and Russian and in print or electronic form.

To Promote and Protect Women's Human Rights: A Handbook of Mobilization Strategies for Women's NGOs Written in response to requests from women's NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe to the VOICE International Information Clearinghouse for detailed "how-to" information.

USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse collects a variety of documents including USAID-funded project contracts, final reports, and materials produced in the course of a project and makes them available to the public for a fee.

The Women's Human Rights Step by Step is a practical guide to using International Human Rights Law and mechanisms to defend Women's Human Rights.

Women, Ink. A one-stop shopping source for women-and-development books. Titles from over 70 different publishers, including the UN and many non-governmental orgasnizations in over 30 different subject categories. Categories range from Environment and Sustainable Development to Women's Human Rights.

Women and men of Russia: 1998 Contains statistical information divided by gender on various social issues.

Women traveling on the Information Superhighway includes problems of financing women's organizations, analysis of the third sector in the post-socialist countries of Eastern Europe.

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