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* All-NIS *
Cambridge University Press on-line catalog Listing of books on Russian, Soviet and East European Studies from Cambridge university Press. Description, prices and ordering information available.

IMF Country Reports are available for CEE and NIS countries. Each report cost USD15.

Postcommunist States and Nations Book Series provides compact analytical surveys of developments in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War.

United States Information Agency Catalog of publications which lists publications on various topics in English, Russian and other languages of the NIS. Book Translation Programs in many languages of the NIS.

Writing Tools from Russia Catalog Sells computer fonts, driver programs and learning aids for Russian and other languages of the NIS.

* Armenia *
Armenian International Magazine/4th Millennium Focuses on articles, commentary and photo essays that depict Armenian society in transition.

* Azerbaijan *
Azerbaijan Democracy Monitor Prints a wide range of political and social commentary and information on the Azerbaijan political situation in Azeri and English.

Azerbaijan Newsletter A weekly publication by the Washington DC embassy.

A Concise History of Azerbaijan A new English translation of Azerbaijani history.

Journal of Azerbaijani Studies focuses not only on Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, but also on the close regions such as Central Asia, Near and Middle East, and the CIS.

* Belarus *
Belarusian Review An independent, US-based, English-language quarterly covering Belarus.

* Caucasus *
Caucasian Regional Studies Journal Published in Russian in print, and in English on the Internet. Aimed at stimulating inter-disciplinary debate on Caucasian issues among academics from the region and in appropriate departments in the West.
* Central Asia *
Buchversand Krieger A mailorder bookshop that specializes in books and periodicals from the Central Asian countries of the USSR. Books and articles are in Russian, English, German and native languages of the Central Asian nations.

Central Asia Magazine Established by political scientists, journalists and human rights activists in 1995, covers social, political and religious fields drawing on scholars, analysts and activists.

Central Asia & the Caucasus, published in Sweden by the Central Asia and The Caucasus Information and Analytical Center, is introducing their English language edition.

Central Asia Monitor published by the Institute for Democratic Development.

Journal of Central Asian Studies This new publication includes articles on historic topics and present day issues, as well as a number of book reviews per issue.

Opinion: New Review on Social Studies in Central Asia Published in Kazakstan, covers public opinion polls, social surveys, other social research conducted in the Central Asian republics.

* Georgia *
Federal Practice: Alternatives for Georgia and Abkhazia The contributors to this volume analyze the historic roots of the conflict between Georgians and Abkhazians and explore the relevance of practical federal experience from various parts of Europe in the regulation of ethnic conflicts.

* Kazakstan *

Kazakstan Economic Trends is the first quarterly issue published by a German Institute which focuses on the current economic conditions that Kazakstan faces .

* Russia *
Access Russia Catalog a semi-annual catalog from Russian Information Services with books, audio,maps accessories, software and more.

Connections: Russia News printed by the US Embassy in Moscow to disseminate information on US assistance programs in Russia.

Directory: Technical Assistance in Russia List of organizations by region and sector of activity and more. Includes contact information.

International Affairs: A Russian Journal of World Policy, Diplomacy and International Relations

Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Russia's first internet bookstore. Deals in export of books, albums, periodicals, CD-ROM discs, special grade paper and articles manufactured from it, postage stamps, audio- and video recordings, modern fine art works and folk art wares.

Panorama of Russia: Book Distributor US based publisher which specializes in non-fiction publications from Russia and the Ukraine.

Raduga Publishers publishes books and reference materials for the nonprofit sector in Russia.

The Russian Magazine Western published magazine on the development of Russia. Focus on business, with stories on politics and economics, financial matters and more.

Russian Life Magazine covering Russian history, culture, society, language and travel.

* Ukraine *
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press Books about Ukraine and on Ukrainians in Canada. Books on history, music, religion, culture and linguistics.

Geneza Expert published by the Geneza Political Science Center, the magazine covers topics including politics, economics, religion and "socinform" (for example, results of survey research).

The Ukrainian Weekly An inexpensive source of information about both events in Ukraine and in the U.S. that affect U.S.-Ukrainian relations

Yevshan Ukrainian Catalog describes itself as the "#1 source of Ukrainian books, music and videos."

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