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PEREHRESTIA (Crossroads) a new, bi-monthly magazine created to stimulate the exchange of information, ideas, and to encourage cooperation among Ukrainian non-profit organizations, charitable foundations, businesses engaging in philanthropy, and governmental representatives.

Directories of NGOs in Russia and Ukraine Collected by CCSI volunteer, Catriona Logan, on her recent trip to Russia. Directories are in Russian and contact information is provided.

Free training materials in Russian and Ukrainian in the areas of agriculture & agribusiness; business development & economic restructuring; development of civil society & NGOs; and healthcare reform.

The BEARR Trust Newsletter A clearinghouse for UK NGOs operating in the former Soviet Union, publishes its own quarterly newsletter.

Building Sustainable Nonprofit Organizations: The Nonprofit Management Handbooks Series. A series of five books written by authors from Central Europe and available in English, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, and Slovenian.

Charities Aid Foundation source of publications and reference materials for those involved in third sector work in the NIS.

Culture Review provides information on third sector activities in Russia and abroad. Published in Samara.

"Directory of NGO Trainers in Central and Eastern Europe" a free publication from IDEE listing NGO trainers in the CEE.

Funding for Civil Society: A Guide to US Grantmakers' Giving in Ukraine Prepared by VOICE International and published by the Innovation and Development Center.

Give & Take: A Journal on Civil Society in Eurasia draws on ISAR's grassroots contacts throughout the former Soviet Union and blends articles detailing the work of NGOs with analysis of trends affecting the Third Sector.

Guide for New Nonprofit Organizations A guide for new organizations: how to find their niche, find support, and attract attention of the mass media.

Guidelines for Laws Affecting Civic Organizations (in Ukrainian) available from the Innovation and Development Centre in Kyiv.

How successful are NGOs and their funders in CEE? A brief introduction to a new report by the Regional Environmental Center in Hungary. Focuses on specific needs and problems of NGOs on a regional level, and on the national level in 15 CEE countries.

Learning NGOs And The Dynamics Of Development Partnership Analyses the work of NGOs from both conceptual and empirical view points, using case studies from Bangladesh, Finland, Ghana, Turkey, Peru and Nepal.

NGO News A Regional Newsletter for Non governmental organizations. Distributes in Central, Eastern and Western Europe and the US.

NGO Report From the NGO Centre - Riga. Information for and about NGOs in Latvia: funding, partners, organizational descriptions and programs. Happy to accept articles.

Post-Soviet Handbook A directory which contains information about hundreds of civic organizations in the former Soviet Union..

PVO/NIS Project Bulletins published on an occasional basis by World Learning organizaiton.

Raduga Publishers publishes books and reference materials for the nonprofit sector in Russia.

USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse collects a variety of documents including USAID-funded project contracts, final reports, and materials produced in the course of a project and makes them available to the public for a fee.

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