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An Introduction to the International Protection of Human Rights: A Textbook attempts to provide a comprehensive picture of the international protection of human rights.

Cilvektiesibu Zurnals (Latvian Human Rights Quarterly) Only publication focusing on Human Rights in Latvia. Published quarterly in Latvian and English.

East European Constitutional Review published quarterly provides country-by-country updates on constitutional politics in Eastern Europe and the ex-USSR. Subscriptions are free in English or Russian.

Funding Human Rights: An International Directory of Funding Organizations and Human Rights Awards is a new resource published by The Human Rights Internet (HRI) and the International Center for Human Rights & Democratic Development (ICHRDD).

Getting Online for Human Rights: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Using the Internet in Human Rights Work published by the AAAS Science and Human Rights Program.

International Helsinki Federation Annual Report 2000 covers the main human rights violations in 44 countries during 1999 and is based mainly on research by the national Helsinki committees of the IHF and its secretariat.

Moscow School of Human Rights produces a number of excellent books. This select list of their publications covers topics such as curriculum on law and human rights issues at various levels of schooling, history of human rights, UN Convention on the rights of the child, and more.

Pravozaschitnik Human Rights Defender includes profiles of organizations in the NIS, articles by organization leaders, legal developments and more.

Serb Watcha bulletin on civil society, political and economic developments in Serbia and Montenegro, is issued by the Open Society Institute.

Ukrainian Human Rights And Advocacy NGO Directory (in Ukrainian) includes information about 308 NGOs throughout Ukraine.

USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse collects a variety of documents including USAID-funded project contracts, final reports, and materials produced in the course of a project and makes them available to the public for a fee.

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