Organizations by City

Country Code: 998


Bukhara (City Code: 83652)

Fergana (City Code: 3732)

Karakalpakstan (City Code: 36122)


Namangan (City Code: 36922)

Navoi (City Code: 43622)

Samarkand (City Code: 3662)

Tashkent (City Code: 71)

Uzbek Organizations can also be viewed according to area of activities:

[Agriculture] [Business] [Education and Culture] [Environment] [Funding] [Health] [Legal Issues]
[Media] [NGO Development] [Public Administration] [Religion] [Social Services] [Women] [Youth]

The Third Sector Organizations in Central Asia section is based on information collected for the print edition of Civil Society in Central of Washington Press, 1999) a joint publication of CCSI and the Central Asia - Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC.

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