National University of Uzbekistan

Contact Name: Dr. Mirkhodjaev U.Z., Director of the Fund Prof., 

Their organization for the "development, reconstruction and support of academic activity and students"  is carrying its activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan and also on an international level. They would like to develop a mutually beneficial cooperation with various universities, international organizations, and funds. Among the founders of their organization are leading banks, associations, corporations and Science and Research institutes of Uzbekistan. Currently, the National University is teaching specialists of 29 basic orientations (bachelors) and specialists of 72 branches of science (masters), making up over sixteen thousand current students.

Last updated:    April 2001

For further information on Central Asian NGOs see also Civil Society in Central Asia (CSI, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University, and University of Washington Press, 1999).

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