"IQTIDOR" Support Centre for Physically Disabled Children (Ferghana Region)


4 Xalq So'zi Ro'znomasi Street
713000 Kokand, Uzbekistan
Tel:  + 998 (37355)-3-54-01 
Contact Name: Ms Uktamhon Ahmadalieva (speaks Uzbek and Russian)  

IQTIDOR (means capability or strength in Uzbek) is a self-administered NGO in the city of Kokand in the Ferghana Valley. The centre was established in 1999 to help disabled children and their parents to solve problems, increase knowledge and improve the social life of disabled children.

The basic goals of the centre are:
* helping disabled children and their families in every way
* helping in the fulfillment of the government program of social protection of disabled children
* giving practical help in the areas of teaching, training and improving the life of disabled children
* teaching trades to disabled children to prepare them for employment
* organizing a parents for parents club for the parents of disabled children and have seminars on various topics for them
* organizing branches throughout the Ferghana region
* rehabilitating and integrating disabled children

The activities include: Graphic Arts School, Gold Embroidery, Parents for Parents, Music, Sport-source of health, Art Garden, Computer Education.

The IQTIDOR Centre really loves the children who they work in co-operation with and knows that helping people who are needy is the duty of all of God's servants.

If you need help from the IQTIDOR Centre or if you need advice, support or co-operation, please contact us at the address above.

If you want to help disabled children or support our program, you may make a contribution to the following account:

Kokand Asaka Bank
2021200010401527000 MFO 00631
INN 203019007

Dear Parents, company directors and businesspeople! Do not hold back your kindness from the young generation that will continue our future!  The Ferghana region IQTIDOR Centre wishes you an enlightened path from God and the happiness of two worlds!

Last updated:    March 2001

For further information on Central Asian NGOs see also Civil Society in Central Asia (CCSI, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University, and University of Washington Press, 1999).

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