West Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of
Ecological and Tourist-Educational Information


a/ya 6685
290005 Lviv 5
Tel/Fax: 723-552
E-mail: baten@iap.franko.lviv.ua
Contact: Andriy Maksymov, Josyp Tsaryk, President

WETI was founded in 1995 by scientists, representatives of tourist organizations, and journalists from Western Ukraine in order to promote Ukraine as an international tourist destination, and to draw Ukrainian attention to achievements in tourism and ecology in other parts of the world. WETI produces unique books and videos about ecology and travel opportunities in and around Ukraine.

WETI produces original materials about the ecology of the Carpathians. Its book, The Carpathians: Pass After Pass, will consist of more than 400 slides, ethnographic materials, and discussions of the flora and fauna. It is working on a book and video about the Eastern Carpathians covering Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia. WETI also plans to create a book, Carpathian Exotics, about endangered plants in the region.

Promoting tourism in the Carpathians is one of WETI's main goals. WETI will publish a guide for tourists which will include brief information about places of interest in Western Ukraine, tips on how to travel to Ukraine (especially to the Carpathian region) complete with train and airline schedules, and visa and customs regulations. WETI will distribute the book outside of the Ukraine free of charge. WETI is also preparing a data bank on the Internet with slides, travel information, and maps in Ukrainian and English.

WETI also attempts to educate the Ukrainian public on environmental and ecological issues. In collaboration with the Sabre-Svitlo Foundation, WETI founded a public ecological library in Lviv. WETI regularly supplies information to Ukrainian newspapers and magazines. Its March 1996 seminar, "Ecology of the City," drew many specialists from abroad to Lviv. In addition, WETI has begun a video series on world ecology. The first film, Ecology: Vienna's Experience, acquaints the Ukrainian public with Austria's ecological experiences.

Last updated:    January 1997

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