Odessa Charitable Fund
"The Way Home"


P.O. Box 25
42, B. Arnautskaya St.
270011 Odessa
Tel: (482) 23-28-27
Tel/Fax: (482) 42-93-26
Email: vestnik@te.net.ua
Contact: Sergey Kostin, Director
The Way Home was founded in 1997 to assist homeless people. Its establishment grew out of the experience of rendering charitable, social, and legal assistance to needy inhabitants of Odessa. After investigating the experience of homeless shelters in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kharkiv, the organizers of the fund prepared a comprehensive plan for a city program to assist homeless people, including a shelter. Experts from the law enforcement and medical communities support the fund. Volunteers working for the fund include members of the fund's trustee council, religious communities, and public organizations in Odessa.

Since its inception, 1,200 homeless people have registered with the fund. All have received medical, social, and legal assistance. Research by the fund's legal defense department has revealed numerous human rights infringements on the part of law enforcement bodies and medical establishments toward citizens who do not have proper registration. (Homeless people typically have lost their papers.)

The organization received small grants from the Dutch embassy and others totaling about US$15,000 in 1997. In 1998, it received a combined total of $50,000 in USAID funds through two Counterpart programs.

Kostin, the fund's director, is a 1984 graduate of Odessa Mechnikov State University. He currently manages the registration center and rehabilitation center of the fund, among other duties.

Last updated:    February 1999

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