Eastern-Ukrainian Union of Youth Organizations (VUSMO)


Kirov str.33
Donetsk region,Gorlovka,338046
Tel: +38 06242 53593
Fax: +38 06242 56288
vusmo@cafe.ditek.dn.ua or miks@ditek.dn.ua
Contact: Irena Belous, Executive Secretary

VUSMO Eastern-Ukrainian Union of Youth Organizations is a consortium of 26 organizations of various types, including youth and children's organizations, youth political parties and NGOs working in the educational, cultural and other fields.

VUSMO was founded in 1995 with the following aims:
consolidating youth organizations' efforts in the framework of the national youth policy
developing the movement in all spheres of our society
involving young people in decision-making
bringing youths' ideas to life
increasing public awareness of the needs and contributions of young people.

In order to make the work of our Union creative and productive, the Governing Body was formed, which consists of 2 organs:
The Youth Leaders Council- the highest decision-making body. It consist of representatives of 26 member-organizations.
The Executive Committee- the executive body of VUSMO with the executive secretary as its head. In order to achieve the aims of our Union the Executive Committee works in the following directions:

International contacts: VUSMO has relations with all countries of the former USSR and Sweden. It runs the international project Global Democratic Youth Leadership with the National Swedish Youth Council (LSU). In 1995 LSU decided to initiate a five-year project , aimed at strengthening the work in international development cooperation among Swedish youth organizations. Two seminars for NGOs from all Ukraine and two international exchanges a year are conducted as part of this project.
VUSMO also takes part in the project Skhid-Skhid (East-East). This projectis an experience-exchange seminar conducted yearly. The member-countries of this project are Armenia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Activities in Ukraine: In cooperation with other NGO's in the region, VUSMO conducted charitable actions, festivals, and competitions with the purpose of promoting greater youth activity and increasing awareness among young people. These included two-day seminars for organizational members of VUSMO. Every year VUSMO conducts the school of young politicians, where youths are educated about the political life of Ukraine. They also take part in the state program "Molod za Maibutnye"-"Youth for Future".

Working with Funds: VUSMO works with international Funds, which have representatives in Ukraine. VUSMO recently defended the project "MIKS" informational and consulting service for youth in Soros Fund in Ukraine "Vidrodzhenya."

Informational department: This department gathers information about youth movements in Ukraine and works with the media to disseminate information about VUSMO's activities. It supports the creation of youth organizations, clubs, associations, and renders juridical help.

The organizations of the union are involved in various kinds of activities, such as: environment protection, sport, prevention of HIV/AIDS prevention, education, music, preventing drug abuse, and youth policy.

This information was posted to CCSI's Organizational Guestbook May 1999.

Last updated:    June 1999

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