Veles Foundation in Kolomyia


ul. Lysenka, 12/56
285200 Kolomyia
Tel: (343) 33-46-04, 33-58-61
Contact: Vladimir V. Batiaikin, Chairman; Taras A. Gorodchuk, Program Coordinator
Veles was created in response to a worsening social and economic situation that has produced very negative effects for the region's environment. Founded in December 1996, Veles works in the following fields: education, eco-tourism, "rehabilitation" and protection of nature, and propagation of a healthy lifestyle. The foundation relies on volunteers and has no employees. Veles has organized expeditions on the Prut and Dniester rivers and in the Carpathians, cleaned a creek in cooperation with Zeleny Svit, and planted trees in the Carpathian national park. Volunteers from the foundation provide technical assistance to the Young Tourists Club on a regular basis.

Veles established a school for young parents and an eco-studio for kindergarten instructors in order to promote the idea of family tourism. It collaborates with the municipal department of education, municipal council, and the executive committee. Veles finances its projects through membership dues and donations.

Last updated:    February 1999

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