Public Association "Union"


ul. Evreiskaia 11, GKB # 3
270001 Odessa
Tel: (482) 25-70-19
Tel/Fax: (482) 28-71-32
Contact: Dmitrii Ruban, Chairman
Union was established in 1990 for all the "liquidators" of the Chernobyl accident: firemen, policemen, army personnel, etc. The association has branches in Izmail and Dneprovsk and 14 representative offices in other cities in Ukraine. It works on behalf of the victims of Chernobyl and their families: protecting their civil rights and benefits, improving living conditions, and providing legal counsel. The association established an information center for nonprofit organizations, which helps NGOs find partners abroad, conducts research on civil rights and medical rehabilitation, and organizes cultural exchanges.

The association created a database of foreign NGOs and worked in cooperation with the international organization Global Operations and Development to provide medical care to Chernobyl victims in the hospitals of Odessa.

Last updated:    February 1999

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