International Charitable Fund (ICF) "SLOVO"


69076, Laxtinskaja st. 12/22
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
+380 (0612) 41-38-49, 32-32-23
Contact: Andrey Kushinov
International Charitable Fund (ICF) "SLOVO" is a public organization the main goals of which are development of children's and young people's creativity in the fields of dramatic art, vocal music, choreography, etc., and organization of concerts in Ukraine and abroad.

Up to now creative studios of different trends have been established. An important link for further development is opening videostudios and recording studios with the purpose of presenting talented youth and making videoclips, and producing CDs and cassettes. Good creative potential for animated cartoon making has been accumulated.

A body of experts in the fields of film production videomontage and sound recording, and a body of actor, vocal and choreography experts has been organized.

ICF "SLOVO" suggests cooperation with foreign partners in organization and demonstration of concert charitable programs in exchange for cultural programs, video/audio records and talented youth.

ICF "SLOVO" is prepared to open branches with countries-partners for joint development and cultural program exchange.

We are looking forward to your suggestion and are ready for cooperation.

Last updated:    June 2000

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