Center "Polissja"


ul. Griboedova 6
263005 Lutsk
Tel/Fax: (332) 24-15-14
Contact: Volodimir Terletsky
The center was established in 1996 to monitor the environment in the Polessie region after the Chernobyl tragedy and to prepare recommendations for environmental protection and recovery in the area. It strives to introduce better control systems and to cooperate with the international community in Chernobyl-related research.

The center has conducted an expedition to the upper reaches of the Pripiat river and organized a study which supported the establishment of a new national park. It has mapped several river basins in the Polissie region, studied water balance in areas where marshes had been drained, and monitored stability, soil erosion, radiation levels, and biological diversity. The center has 20 researchers, new computer laboratories, several facilities, and vehicles for field trips. Center Polissja has the following partners: Wageningen Agricultural University (Holland), Warsaw Agricultural University (Poland), and the Medicinal Herbs Institute (Moscow). The center published Herbs of Polessie.

Last updated:    February 1999

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