Podolsk Ecological Society


ul. Kotovskogo 71
280000 Khmelnytsky
Tel: (382) 29-13-75
Fax: (382) 29-24-35
Email: rusl@eco17.freenet.kiev.ua
Contact: Valerii Datskov, Chairman; Ruslan Belik, Deputy Chairman
The Podolsk Ecological Society was formed in 1997 to improve distribution of information related to the environment and environmental legislation. The society has developed an educational program to improve the "ecological literacy" of regional leaders. It served as a regional coordinator for the Unity program, a project sponsored by ISAR-Kyiv to establish a network of environmental organizations in Ukraine. The society has also designed a number of ecology courses for school curricula, organized eco-camps for children, and provided consultations on legal issues.

Last updated:    February 1999

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