Odessa Socio-Ecological Union


vul. Podbelskogo 38a, kv. 1
270021 Odessa
Tel: (482) 26-82-75
E-mail: odessaeco@glas.apc.org
Contact: Alla Shevchuk, Member of the Socio-Ecological Union

The Odessa SEU has existed as an ecological club since 1977 and was officially established under its current name in 1989. Between 1978 and 1984 club members created a arboretum that has been awarded the status of "park monument." The club also has helped to improve the care of animals in the Odessa zoo. In 1990, it acted to restore 92 hectares of the Tiligulsky estuary. Other projects included halting the erosion of the banks of the Baraboy River and conducting a public investigation of water quality. Additionally, OSEU published over 500 works on conservation, and the scholarly research of Union members has been gathered and published in Ecological Tales.

Last updated:    January 1997

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