Odessa Region Charity Fund of Ukrainian Lawyers

Postal Address:  P.B. 66, Odessa-11 65011, UKRAINE 
Street Address: 28 Rieshelievskaya St., Of. 301, Odessa 65026, UKRAINE
Tel: (0482) 715-58-04, 714-41-15, 714-40-98, 714-40-24
Fax: (0482) 24-70-74
E-mail: fund@tm.odessa.ua
Contact Name: Igor Marien, Chairman

The Odessa Region Charity Fund of Ukrainian Lawyers is a non-profit organization (Charity № 209).  The fund is currently seeking to increase the effectiveness of its activities by establishing connections with foreign and international organizations with charitable interests.

Recent Programs:

Last updated:    April 2001

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