Donetsk, Ukraine
Contact Name: Anatoly Dermainer, Vice-President 

The public charity Obelisk was founded February 1 2000 in Donetsk, Ukraine. They help citizens all over the world who are looking for their relatives which were lost or were gone in the Ukraine (Donetsk area) in battles suring the WWII. There are about 1,500,000 graves of soldiers WWII at the territory of Donetsk. These soldiers were the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Romania and some other countries which had citizens within the USSR.
They consider the XXI century to be the century of reconciliation and consent.

They believe that each lost soldiers deserves memory and his relatives should have an opportunity to find out where they are buried. They created the Memorial Complex Reconciliation and Consent in XXI Century in Donetsk with the purpose of preserving the memory of lost soldiers of WWII. One of the tasks of the fund is to help relatives in looking for graves of lost soldiers and in the care of their graves.

Their project is supported by other public organizations and by local  government. The purposes and tasks of the project coincide with the purposes and tasks of the Ukraine-Germany Agreement from 25.05.96. They are looking for financial support for their project and are ready to cooperate with international representatives or organizations.

Last updated:    May 2001

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