Ukrainian Cultural Foundation–Mikolayiv Branch


ul. Nilolska 54
327001 Mikolayiv
Tel: (512) 35-04-26
Fax: (512) 35-65-79
Contact: Alla Myran, Director General; Lesya Boichenko, Associate Director General
In November 1987, representatives of 19 organizations gathered together and formed the constituent assembly at which the Cultural Foundation was created. The constituent assembly included members of public, cultural, and educational organizations, as well as representatives of major regional industrial and agricultural units and art museums. Initially the foundation obtained funds for its projects from sponsors, exhibitions, sales and auctions, book publishing, and events sponsored by regional industries. The foundation first became known for placing historical markers in the city of Mikolayiv in commemoration of Arkas Mikolayiv, a local historian and composer.

In 1989, the foundation moved into its first exhibition and office building, which has hosted over 300 art exhibitions of painters from Ukraine and other countries. It received a 10 percent commission on the sale of works of art. In 1991, tax legislation changed and the foundation had to establish some private businesses, which now support the foundation with limited funds.

From the beginning, the foundation has worked to coordinate and preserve the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. From 1993-98, the foundation sponsored scholarships for more than 30 gifted children in Mikolayiv to study music, art, writing, and folklore under the New Names scholarship program. On its 10th anniversary in November 1997, the Cultural Foundation and its 10 most active members received a special award from the Ukrainian government. To date, the accomplishments of the foundation include the House of Native Russian Art Theater, two public schools, a memorial to Arkas Mikolayiv, and development of a historical architectural plan of Mikolayiv.

Presently the foundation's main source of funding is an annual folk festival which it organizes in the streets of Mikolayiv. Musical and dance groups, artists, and potters from all over the region are invited to participate.

The foundation works in cooperation with the Art Union of Ukraine, the local administration and department of education, the scientific library, and a large number of colleges, museums, clubs, and cultural societies.

Last updated:    February 1999

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