CCSI received the following e-mail message on January 4, 2000

Dear friends of Center for Civil Society International!

We represent the non-governmental charitable fund Metsenaty (certificate of registration ¹23 code¹ 25623251), and we work in the territory of Chernigov area of Ukraine (population 1,450,000).

Our program directs on supporting in development of information sociable system and to promote creation of communications between children all over the world with the purpose of development of the educated independent persons.

There is large need for dialogue between people from different countries and our country and foremost children undergo this necessity. Internet has a set of resources for correspondence and dialogue, in which children place the announcements, search for the friends from all over the world, exchange ideas and other information. However, only rich families can now afford this kind of service (less than 1% of the population of the country) because of a heavy financial situation in Ukraine.

We develop the project, which will help to solve these problems. Within the framework of this project we plan:

The huge speed of the information transfer, low cost estimates of e-mail will allow to carry out the given project with the minimal expenses.

This Center will promote dialogue between children from the different countries that has huge educational importance not only in study of foreign languages, but also will enable to find out a lot of new and interesting from peers abroad. It will be directed on development of children skills to communicate. It has paramount importance during period of reforms and formation of the democratic society.

We ask to inform us if anybody on the CivilSoc list will be interested in this project.

We hope for the positive answer to this letter, and we will be very grateful for any help or information about who can help us to realize this project.


Zakharchenko V. N.
Chairman of the Fund
Tel: 380 (04622) 7-56-14

Last updated:    January 2000

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