Lion Society NGO Development Center


Jurija Drohobycha 12/8
Lviv 290000
Phone: +380 (322) 74-42-64
Fax: +380 (322) 72-68-33
Contact: Igor Dobko, Deputy Chairman

Posted at CCSI's online "Organization Guestbook" April 1, 1998

The Lion Society (not to be confused with the Lion's Club) was created in 1987 and was one of the first independant NGO in Ukraine. Initially, the Society organized such projects as the renaissance of national traditions and ecological actions such as a yearly expedition on the Dniester river (the second longest river in Ukraine). This initiative developed into a joint 3-year German-Ukrainian project involving the monitoring of the Dniester for environmental damage.

In recent years Lion Society has focused on the development of the NGO sector. One of the initiatives begun by the Society was the creation of a West-Ukrainian Resource Center (WURC) which supports NGOs in the region. Currently the Society is implementing a project aimed at the development, training and support of NGOs in the Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Rivne regions. This project is supported by the Phare/Tacis Democracy Programme of the European Commission. A newsletter for NGOs of the region is being published in close cooperation with the WURC. Members of the Lion Society team also take part in training for NGOs in Ukraine ( Crimea) and Belarus. Several handbooks are being developed with Polish and UK partners at the moment and will be available free of charge in September -October 1998. Lion Society has received support from ISAR, Renaissance, Eurasia, Environment Partnership for Central and Eastern Europe foundations. Organisations has wide cooperation with partners inside of Ukraine and abroad.

The Lion Society is open to new contacts and initiatives aimed at NGO development and building civil society. Currently we are considering possibility of several new local initiatives including opening citizen advice bureaus.

Last updated:    May 1998

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