Ukrainian Mediation Group– Search for Common Ground


Tel/Fax: (44) 246-4813
Contact: Scott Adams, Project Director


ul. 50-Letiya USSR 143
340100 Donetsk
Tel/Fax: (562) 35-74-33
Contact: Nikolai Borisov, Project Director

UMG is a network of independent, nonprofit organizations that provide conflict resolution services throughout Ukraine. The mission of UMG is to promote mediation and dispute resolution in Ukraine and, in the process, strengthen civil society and democratic reform.

In 1994, the Ukrainian Mediation Group formed a partnership with Search for Common Ground, which has been supported with grants from private American foundations and USAID. The SCG-UMG collaboration has led to a series of professional exchanges, mediation training seminars, and projects, which have encouraged Ukrainians' efforts to influence the ways in which their society deals with conflict.

The Ukrainian Mediation Group has designed a training program to certify conflict resolution specialists. Graduates mediate labor, family, commercial, and consumer disputes. In the last year, the program has involved nearly 100 participants, including judges, lawyers, psychologists, teachers, and students.

UMG has been working with a core of Ukrainian judges who outsource cases to UMG mediators. In Donetsk and Odessa, UMG mediators have established a "noticeable presence" in the district courts and have gained the support of local judges. UMG hopes to expand its experience in court-annexed mediation in order to contribute to the legal reform process in Ukraine.

The challenges facing privatized and privatizing enterprises in Ukraine are enormous and conflicts between management and labor (and outside ownership where it exists) are inevitable. UMG has worked to provide consulting services for enterprises in various stages of the privatization process.

UMG has worked closely during the past two years with high schools to develop conflict resolution and peer mediation programs. In addition, there are programs focused on the mass media and the Crimea.

Last updated:    February 1999

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